Mark (60), an ex-alcoholic recently diagnosed with lung cancer sets out across the Midwest with his friend's nephew in search of a tornado before the two month season comes to an end.

'The Last Storm' was a New York Times Op-Doc with it's World Première at Tribeca Film Festival, won the Jury Prize at Hot Springs Documentary Festival and qualified for the Oscars Best Short Documentary Competition 2020. 


Cast: Mark Zabawa, Mike Marz

Director: Liam Saint-Pierre

Producer: Liam Saint-Pierre & Ross Williams

Cinematographer: Liam Saint-Pierre

Editor: Adam Thomas

Executive Producer: Kathleen Lingo

Supervising Editor: Andrew Blackwell

Coordinating Producer: Lindsay Crouse

Music: Liam Saint-Pierre & Mriarty

Post production: CHEAT

Colourist: Joseph Bicknell

Post Production Producer: Chloe Saunders

Sound Design: Iain Grant