Film | Short Film

Follow one man’s epic quest to save our oceans from plastic pollution, and discover how the solution may be closer to home than you think.

A short film starring Frederick Schmidt commissioned by Selfridges and the Zoological Society.

Written & Directed by: Liam Saint-Pierre

Producer: Luke Goodrich

DP: Nic Booth (nicolasbooth.com)

Editor: Sami Abusamra

Original Artwork & animation: Dominic Wilcox

VFX: Shroomstudio: (shroomstudio.com)

Original Music: Olly Jenkins (ollyjenkins.com)

Sound Mix: Iain Grant (igsd.co.uk)

Colourist: Toby Tomkins (CHEAT)

Exec Producer: Jamie Clark

Production Company: (myaccomplice.co.uk)